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Full service design is a great option for those of you
who are looking for guidance from start to finish. I will analyze your space, draw up
a mood board including inspirational photos, source all products,
create an itemized budget, and complete the install.
Services are charged at an hourly rate.


(Just think of how much more time you'll 
have to drink cocktails poolside)


E-Design is an excellent way to get guidance in your design plan while executing the project at your own pace. If you are comfortable sourcing and shopping online but just want to make sure you are making the right design choices, this is a great option. For many of my clients, just getting started in the right direction is the hardest part so let me help you clear that hurdle and be on your way!

How it works:

  1. You are fired up and ready for change so you call me.
  2. We discuss what you want and need out of the room, as well as your budget for the project. I would also like to see some inspirational photos you have from Pinterest or other sources so I have a clear idea of what style you prefer.
  3. You snap pics. of the room and send them to me, along with measurements.
  4. I create a mood board, like the one above, and send a complete source list of online shopping options. I will also draft a mapped-out version of the room so you can see where the furniture should be placed.
  5. We discuss the plan and make revisions if necessary.
  6. You sign off and get shopping!

– Prices vary depending on size and scope of the job.