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"People will stare. Make it worth their while." - Harry Winston


My name is Heather and I want to welcome you to Redeux Decor Home Decorating. There is nothing I love more than a well organized space with a ton of personality. My philosophy is that beautiful decorating doesn’t have to be a budget buster and every room should have a blend of new and well-loved pieces to create individuality. My goal is to make you feel happy and inspired in your home, so let’s get together and make it happen!

 Kind Words

“I am so delighted with how Theo’s nursery turned out and to have had your expertise to design such an amazing space! She loves it, as do I. I love that it is such a happy, light filled room and that the nursery will grow with her. Thank you Heather for your thoughtful and creative eye! We are in love!” – Hannah


“Thank you so much for helping us update our place. Everything you suggested made a huge difference and we love it! You really have a knack for decorating and we want to thank you so much for all of your time and energy!” – Cara & Weylin


“Thank the universe for you, Heather. I was truly stuck, as starting from scratch is very intimidating and not only were you a joy to hang out with, but you were full of so many good ideas and indispensable advice. You worked tirelessly and I am so happy with my new living room – I just can’t believe it took this long to create a space that we all love!” – Becky


“Heather helped me immensely with converting our guest room into a nursery. I had a few mementos that I wanted to incorporate and she seamlessly integrated those pieces into the room to make them look smart and modern. Heather has a ton of fresh ideas and the nursery is now my favorite spot in the house because it feels like me. I enjoyed working with her and would hire her again to help with other “problem areas” in my small home. She is a breath of fresh air!” – Casey